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Graphic Art

This gallery features works from 2020 to the present day. The drawings are made with graphite pencil or ink on paper.
"XIX" series
In the summer of 2019, I decided to realize my idea by merging classical canons, eternal beauty, and elegance of antiquity with crude and earthy oil factories and other modern objects.

All of them were created by people, but with a gigantic gap between them, completely different eras, often incompatible mentalities, philosophies, and world views.

But if we imagine that life is based on unique mathematical order, not chaos, a virtual reality in which everything in its vast possibilities is preprogrammed.

If we combine these points, antiquity, and urbanism, will we get a new meaning, new form, or perhaps discover a unifying nature of everything?!

In my imagination, those artifacts from different eras met and created a beautiful world where those nameless relics are the only remnants of human civilization.

In this graphic series, I set myself the task of showing the beauty and charm of modern urbanism through the prism of beautiful antique art.

It is commonly believed that graphics is the soul, the essence, and painting is the body, a beautiful decorative cover. Therefore to achieve maximum purity and sharpness of expression I decided to create this project as series of graphic works.

I conceived and sketched every detail throughout 2019 and completed the first drawings amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

The name of the series became XIX, roman numerals for 19. Each work in the series will only have a number for its title.
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