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Slava Fokk, born in 1976, is an artist whose captivating paintings center around the theme of women. Renowned for his refined aesthetic, Fokk's art resists the allure of "Hyper-Realism" and its tendencies toward expressive brutality and digital manipulations.

What distinguishes Fokk's approach to painting is his remarkable ability to combine a sense of "smart retrospection" with technological precision and plastic expressiveness. By evoking the essence of oil painting's origins and drawing inspiration from the techniques of the old Dutch masters, Fokk creates works that exude both technical perfection and artistic expression.

Influenced by the works of Jan van Eyck and Tamara de Lempicka, Fokk has ingeniously developed his own distinctive suite of painting techniques that seamlessly harmonize with his artwork. This fusion of techniques results in nuanced and subtly layered imagery, most notably evident in his captivating portraits of women.
Fokk's art embraces a fascinating interplay between the monumentality and plasticity of classical art and the stylistic elements of Modern Art. This fusion produces an aesthetic allure that continues to captivate viewers and enthusiasts alike.

Currently residing in Thailand, Slava Fokk is tirelessly engaged in painting a new series of works. Through his ongoing artistic journey, he continues to explore the depths of his creative vision, capturing the essence of women and their compelling narratives in his distinct and enchanting style.
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